Secrets from a Superstar Trainer …

Any one who knows me well, knows I love to exercise. “Keep it light, keep it tight.” Right. I run, dance, and practice yoga on a regular basis, but I also love to try new exercises & classes to give my body a little challenge and keep me inspired.  I’ve been taking a class at my local Equinox taught by Grace Lazenby called All The Right Moves. The goal of Grace’s class is to keep you long and lean by combining yoga, pilates and dance moves to challenge those tiny little muscles in our special female bodies.   A few people have been asking me about where to go, how to take these classes? There are tons of options in cities throughout America – most are called Cardio Barre, Mat Pilates, there’s Physique 57 in NYC et … But for those of you who can’t get to this class and workout at home, I wanted to attach a terrific quick exercise video created by Tracy Anderson, the tiny powerhouse who keeps Gwyneth Paltrow looking like a million bucks.  She emailed this video to Ms. Paltrow post Holiday 2008 while she was away and Ms. Paltrow then put it on her website.

I thought I would repost it for those who don’t subscribe to the GOOP newsletter and haven’t gotten to see it.  Give it a whirl – you can do these exercises at home, in the office or in your trailer. All you need is a chair and the motivation to do a tons of reps.


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