A year passes in a flash …

I am almost shocked that an entire year has passed and I haven’t posted on the blog ~ what happened??? Well luckily I was working and exploring myself as an actor. I had the enormous privilege of being cast in a new SYFY series titled Alphas, from a tremendously talented team of writers lead by Zak Penn (Incredible Hulk, X Men) & got to act along side some pretty classy actors. Woohoo.  Rachel is the character I will be discovering this year and she is kind of special – a girl with extraordinary abilities, to say the least. But more on that to come Summer 2011 🙂

One of the best things about the show is that I get to live in a new city while shooting.  The show will be shot in Toronto, ON and I got to spin in the energy of living in a new city, having to make new friends, find new markets, new pilates, discover the cities immense resources and potential. I’m thrilled to bits to know that I will have the chance to discover places like Kensington Market, go shopping in Yaletown or catch a BlueJays game downtown …

So what to do with my blog … well, I’ve decided to dust it off and take it for a spin again. All things, life, style, health, travel, & work. And this year will introduce philanthropic endeavors into the blog. 2011 is a special year for me as I am joining the March on the Bridge for the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Day, March 8th to join thousands of women in celebrating the courage, strength and beauty of women globally.  And will join forces with other Afghans to create more awareness for the good work of the UNHCR. They are so committed to changing the lives of so many Afghan refugees (& refugees all over the world)

In my business we can all become singularly focused, seeking the approval of others, looking for ways to be shiny and pretty … but at the end of the day, global perspective is key. We are so lucky we have access to information, beauty products, organic foods, sheesh basic human rights even.  Access to these things should brighten each day up for us, but we are always in constant need for more, more, more. And the truth is, we have too much. So what do we do … we find small ways to give. To impact, to affect, to inspire – even if it’s one persons life somewhere far away that you have never met, or a neighbor who is suffering.  Something as little as 20$ to a charity like the ones listed above, can provide food, a warm blanket to sleep in, or maybe even just a soccer ball for a small group of kids to play with. That small act of kindness equals impact … imagine if all of your friends, your union, your book club did this … how many children could eat or play, how many people you could keep warm, how you could make a stranger smile by a simple click on a computer. So this year, as we blog about health and staying sharp in mind, & body – we are also going to incorporate “acts of kindness” into this virtual community of ours, to also keeps us sharp in our hearts.

I had an unfortunate incident with a casting director in my business this week, someone who chose to berate me when I was in a vulnerable position and I felt so helpless.  So what did I do, I made a donation to help someone who is way more helpless then me.   And you know what, it made me feel good to help. To send positive energy into the Universe and change a negative feeling I had today into positive change for someone else.

Can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store for us all.  Love & Light & Happiness to all …

Azi xx


6 thoughts on “A year passes in a flash …

  1. @Azi. I’m not much of a follower of blogs but I was pleasantly surprised that we have a few things in common such as assisting folks from ‘our’ native countries, women’s rights and food/cooking.

    I especially appreciated the part where you resovled the negativity shown towards you and transferring that into positivity to someone less fortunate.

    Keep up the great work!

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