So I was lucky enough to be asked by the talented and health savvy duo that created to write a guest blog for them – you can check it out below.  And go check out  the **site, for the whole post as well as fun recipes, ways to manage health and diet,etc: 


Eating Out? Two Out Of Four, and There’s Nothing More To It!

Hey there Actor’s Diet …… Lynn Chen & I were lucky enough to work on a film a few years ago, so I was thrilled when I found out she was one of the creators of this neat site, and even more thrilled when she asked to me to write a guest blog.

I love to eat out … in LA, there are great restaurants, and I consider myself a tiny but mighty LA Zagat/Google machine when it comes to restaurants. Name a street and I’ll tell you where to eat, from fine dining to casual healthy spots, a single LA gal spends a lot of time in restaurants. But as an actress, a lot of my job depends on staying in shape, physically and emotionally. So how does one eat out and stay in shape without losing her mind?

Well we all know a night at Mastro’s or heck Cheesecake Factory, is going to be pretty decadent in the calorie department. The portion sizes, the steak, the bread, the butter, the dessert the vino – it’s all so glorious and tempting. I once read a nutritionist talking about her eating out trick, one that could save you 2000 plus calories at dinner and it’s the first thing I share with people when they say the need to shape up but don’t cook at home often.

Two out of Four is all you need to know!

When at dinner, pick your 2 out of 4 for the evening, the four being:

1. Bread

2. Appetizers

3. Alcohol

4. Dessert

So, if you are starving and need the (1) bread and dying for an after work (3) cocktail then SKIP the (2) apps and the (4) dessert. If you know you have to have the (4) special “dessert” at this restaurant and must have that amazing (2) appetizer – then stick to iced tea or sparkling water and no (1) Bread.

A pretty straightforward formula that saves me lots of extra time in the gym after a few nights of eating out . I vote two thumbs up on this quick and easy formula. And just think, if you eat out often it could save you from gaining those “where hell did those 3 pounds come from?” Until next time ……..




Something I love ….

I guess for anyone who has read my blog – I talk a lot of FOOD!  Well, really being healthy and making smart choices about what you put in your body.  I honestly believe that being conscious of your BODY is a direct link to being conscious of your MIND and your HEART  (like the Erykah Badu song says) 360 degrees, all connected.  I realize that when I am least happy in my life, I abuse myself in lots of ways.  Indulging in things that my body, my mind and my heart physically and emotionally reject.  And when I’m “seizing the day” I’m light as a feather, ready to be a peaceful warrior, at ONE  … Shut your zen face, right? But come on, it’s the truth, only truth.

We tend be kinder to strangers than to ourselves. Why don’t we nurture ourselves and take the time to say that its okay to want to be better in all aspects of our life?  We’re all a work in progress — but we have to take ownership of the things we want to make better in order to continue to expand to our highest potential.  I love human beings, and I love women – I was shaped by insane, intimidating, ferocious women, who continue to challenge me. And by a mom who taught me to always moisturize, whether it was with Nivea, Vaseline or Cooking Oil (yes, crazy gypsy afghans.)  I’ve been slathering moisturizer on since I was little with no clue as to why? 

Now as a big girl, I’ve tried about everything on the market, and am lucky enough to get to try a lot of things first.  This product has become my new obsession, Lisa Hoffman Day & Night Serum.  I’ve been using this for the last 2 months, and on site people immediately compliment my skin. Coincidence? I think not.  

Skin care specialist recommend using a serum to sink in after washing your face and before your moisturizer. They are lightweight, so they easily absorb.  Good Serums provide a ton of anti-aging benefits, and also claim to help with skin cell renewal, reduce the appearance of fine lines, tighten saggy skin, repair sun damage and hydrate your skin, et. Ultimately making it super glowy.  yhst-82171457055258_2067_14633633

Adding this into your daily routine will easily upgrade it to star status.  Lisa Hoffman SkinCare (created by the lovely wife of Dustin Hoffman) is fantastic and boasts really reasonable prices, well except of course the serum that I love.  It is the priciest thing in line (again, of course). So, if its not within your price range check out a bunch of the fabulous ones at Target or your local drugstore (i.e, Loreal, Boots, & Olay all carry serums in there skin care lines).

Here’s a link to her products:

Good Food Facts For Good Skin

blueberriesIn honor of answering some of your questions via Twitter, I’m going to make a quick list of foods that you should Absolutely consume to help in your mission for gorgeous radiant skin. Regardless of what your specific skin concerns may be, there is a short list of power foods that are consistently on every dermatologist’s list.  These super good for you foods can help reduce inflammation, combat aging and even prevent skin cancer. 

1-ANTIOXIDANTS in the forms of Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries & Plums, these 4 specific fruits rate the highest in antioxidants, which protect your skin from being attacked by those nasty free radicals we are exposed to daily (sun, pollution, et).

2-OMEGA 3 in the form of SALMON, Walnuts & FlaxSeed.  Chock full of essential fatty acids, salmon, walnuts and flax seed are  powerful for both skin & BRAIN!  Omega 3’s are a major resource in keeping your skin supple & glowing.  

3-GREEN TEA is your skins best friend – its polyphenols combat damage from ultra violet rays and is brimming with Vitamin C & Zinc. Plus this little magnificent bonus; green tea is full of something called  ECGC, which is an antioxidant known for helping speed up your metabolism.

4-LOW FAT DAIRY – Full of Vitamin A.  The A in low fat dairy is easy for your body to absorb, allowing you to see results sooner.  In addition Low Fat Dairy also contains ACIDOPHILUS, aka healthy bacteria, that helps keep your digestive track normal.

5-Water/H2O/Agua – Clean, filtered, spring, distilled water – not water in sugary beverages.  Try and consume at least half your body weight in oz.  (i.e. 150lb female should try and consume 75oz a day) It may seem like a lot, but it has been know to help hair, skin, and nails stay hydrated. 

Obviously any foods that are NATURAL, WHOLE FOODS from the earth are full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for overall well being.  But as we continue to learn about all of them, let’s start with these top rated choices. 

Try these tiny tricks:  Switch your afternoon or am coffee for green tea. Add blueberries to your morning cereal, oatmeal or Low Fat Yogurt.  Eat 2 servings of baked or raw salmon a week.  Sprinkle Walnuts in your dinner or lunch salad.  Since I don’t eat dairy, I personally take Power-Dophilus pills that I find in the refrigerator section at Whole Foods and get my Vitamin A from Spinach and Sweet Potatoes. 

Now Look at that.  Healthy body, healthy heart, healthy skin. Stress, poor diet, the sun, et take a terrible toll on our bodies. Let’s take control by adding small daily changes to keep ourselves in fighting form.  

For More Detailed Information on the items listed above: