My Skin Gets Thirsty

Well — Luckily I’ve been busy working — but as anyone who has read any of the blog knows, I suffer from sleep issues. The worst is when I have a very early call time and I’ve only gotten 3-4 hours of restless sleep.  It doesn’t work for me in this business AT ALL – babies gotta wake up looking refreshed and ready to take on the world.  I’ve discovered a couple tricks that help my skin retain tons of moisture. This seems to be key in making my stressed out skin look healthy and glowy.   If I’m traveling I am that crazy person that puts Vaseline all around her eyes and cheeks – after 5-6 hours the vaseline sinks into my skin and voila, I don’t look like I just got my face kicked in. I know some people swear by Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream for nighttime & travel, but that never really worked for me. And since Vaseline is a little intense to use daily, and doesn’t really work if I have to go to a set where someone is going to start applying loads of makeup on me, I kicked into Dora the Explorer mode and investigated some different solutions. I stumbled upon what I like to call Heaven in a green jar – a product by June Jacobs called Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Mask. JU083-Age-defying-maskI recently started to apply it in the am before I went to set and would rinse it off with tepid water or tissue it off and the makeup artists would immediately comment on how healthy my skin looked.  A fabulous compliment after only a few hours of sleep and a few days in really heavy makeup for several hours. June Jacobs is Paraben free which is essential for me, since my skin seems to react to those nasty little parabens. The intense hydration sinks into my skin making it look glowy and healthy and super fresh – which is something that’s important to me since I don’t like putting on tons of makeup daily.  I use it in my daily life when my skin seems to be dehydrated from a lack of sleep and I want to look well rested before a meeting.  Click here to go to the June Jacobs website. The brand veers towards the luxury end – so if it’s a little steep – take a look at some other terrific hydrating moisture masks online. Places like carry an array of products that are top of the line and reasonably priced. And of course one my favorite places to get lost in, Target carries several types of hydrating masks that can fit in anyone’s budget. And if you are a do-it-at home kind of gal, you can always slather on a coat of Vaseline before bed time to wake up dewy eyed and refreshed. I’ve done it for years … and always will.

Oh & click on this to learn more about why Paraben Free is important.


How Dare YOU Insomnia! & The Great Lemon

Day #7 –  Shut your face ….. really, already! I’m not even missing sugar, well, not as much as I was day 1-4.  Maybe because I’m eating so much real food, my sugar hasn’t dipped enough to send me into a sugar fit!!

Sweet.  I don’t think I’ll end the week tomorrow with some big sugar filled treat.  I actually would prefer not to.  I have to go to an opening night party of Inglorious Basterds and I may have a glass of champagne, it will after all be almost midnight then, right?  But honestly, I am going to quietly try and maintain the habits I’ve been building this week and see if it sticks.  
The one thing that has happened this week. My Insomnia has come back to visit …. as he so often does.  I am one of the millions that suffer from sleep disorders – I’ve never been a good sleeper – I wake up at the slightest sound and I don’t easily fall asleep.  My mind just won’t shut down at time and it has gotten so bad that I was hospitalized for it in 2003 .  (But that’s a whole other blog).  I don’t know if my Insomnia and my change in diet this week have anything to do with one another.  Hmmm, I’m use to putting myself in a tiny sugar coma before bed, which might help me crash?  Boo, sugar and your addictive qualities.  Here’s to hoping that it’s only a very temporary visit from my old friend while my body is adjusting to my newer, healthier lifestyle.  
Quick side note: (Things that do help when I can’t sleep, yoga, breathing, journaling before sleep, warm tea, melatonin spray under the tongue and per my doctor’s suggestion, a glass of red wine 😉  

Tip #6 — The really awesome benefit of a fresh squeezed lemon in 6oz of tepid water in the am. The healing properties of Lemon have been around forever.  Most cleanses incorporate the use of lemon, and most doctors will tell you to use lemon in your water to help battle any bacterial infections. It’s a powerful tool, that pretty little lemon, but did you know that some have claimed weight loss without changing there diets but by religiously starting the day with a glass of fresh squeezed lemon water.  Upon rising, squeeze a full lemon in to tepid water, and drink up at least a half hour before you eat.  This helps flush out toxins and eliminate any excess waste in the body.  It also makes skin glow, makes hair shiny, and purifies your blood. Lemons are also full of vitamin c and other helpful nutrients, and the best thing of all is that Lemons are inexpensive and available to everyone.  
Want more info: attached is a link on the benefits of lemon water in the am: